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Thread: Reaction Time for Stroop

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    Reaction Time for Stroop

    I'm running the Stroop using audio responses. I have a set time interval for how long each stimulus should be displayed (RT = 1200; this is my input -- rt:aud,rec,1200,-500).

    Given that I predetermined how long the stimulus will be displayed on the screen, is there any way to find out when participants responded [i.e. at what time the audio response was taken] in order to determine their actual reaction time?

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    Patricia--you should be able find those RTs in the log version of the data (found in a "log" subfolder of the main "data" folder).

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    I thought time n would give me the reaction time but all times are more or less the same. Could it be that given that I indicated a fixed time interval, i.e. rt:aud,rec,1200,-500, directRT does not record the reaction time. That is, each screen would be displayed the same amount of time regardless of whether they respond before the indicated time (1200 ms)?

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    Same voice key and audio recording problems

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    My lab has had the same problem with both DRT2010 and DRT2012 across multiple computers running Windows XP: Realistic voice key responses are only recorded in datafiles when "rec" is not used.

    So, stroop automatic sample script (which only records voicekey latencies) runs alright in DRT2010. In DRT2012, this script records vk latencies but results in error messages like "Elapsed Time: -76ms, block 0, trial 0, stim 3, Error 76, Path not found, on line 190, during CreateFolder of Module mFileSystem."

    In DRT2010, stroop fixed (which is supposed to save vk latencies and wav files) outputs latencies that are the same as the recording durations and records wavfiles. In DRT2012, stroop fixed consistently tells the participant to wait for the stimulus regardless of sensitivity setting and as a result it saves no latencies, it does not record wavfiles, and results in additional error messages such as: "Elapsed Time: -3683ms, block 1, trial 5, stim 3, Error -2147467259, Automation error
    Unspecified error , on line 2140, during ReactionTime of Form DDFullScreen

    Note that the diagnostic tests run fine and sample files that do not contain "rt:aud" or "rec" run without errors.


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    See http://www.empirisoft.com/support/sh...ad.php?p=18985

    There was a bug in v2012 (up to v2012.4.151) that was preventing DirectRT from creating a "Voice" data subfolder. Consequently--if a "rec" command had been issued to record a voice response, it would fail because the "Voice" folder did not exist. This is now fixed in v2012.4.152 which will be posted later today (8/10/2012). That may also account for deviations in response times as the error itself would be throwing off the normal algorithm for assessing the RT. It also fixes the issue of the unconditional feedback to the subject after each response.
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