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Thread: Button Box Setup

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    Button Box Setup

    We spent several hours trying to figure out how to set up our DirectIN button box. Through a process of trial and error, we were able to get the two boxes to respond by programming them to match keys 87 and 88. I'm curious as to what will happen when we try to program the skins with 3 keys.

    The DirectIn boxes state that they can be programmed to match any keys on the keyboard. My question is: HOW? Can't find instructions for this anywhere and it certainly wasn't intuitive to the 4 people we had working on this project.

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    Hi Folks,

    Which button boxes are these?

    They can be programmed to match any key on the keyboard, but only here in our shop. They aren't field editable.

    In general, unless we hear otherwise, we program them so that the first nine buttons output the characters [1 9], as seen on the keyboard above the letter keys.

    If you open a text editor such as TextEdit or WordPad and press various buttons on the box, which characters do you see displayed on the screen?


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