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Thread: Training Workshops

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    Training Workshops

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    I wonder if you have any training or demo schedule publicly available for this summer or later this year. We'd like to have some colleagues learn how to use it for our research. Your advice on this will be appreciated.

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    We used to do training workshops a while back but we no longer do them.

    The main reason is because most users found that going through the short tutorial (included with the demo and full versions of the software) was sufficient to get them started.

    Looking through some of the additional samples and/or the introduction in the user's guide can also help.

    If after going through these resources though, you still feel like you need some help, please get back to us and we can talk about other options.


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    [edited from support email--a related post]

    I was wondering, do you exhibit at any conventions on the west coast? I know you are based in New York, but I would like to see more on MediaLab.
    [response via support email]

    Thank you for your inquiry. Although we do sometimes sponsor conferences (e.g. scip, spsp, scr), we no longer exhibit. We probably should, but we just don't. I think it's probably because we are happy seeing most of our customers come via word-of-mouth from collegues and such. However, maybe I can help--if there is something in particular you would like to know, I would be happy to discuss any functionality you think you may need for your work. We can also get you codes to try any of our software (fully funtional) for a few weeks at no charge.

    If it helps, we do have a promo link here you can check out--it may have some of the info you are looking for:


    Feel free to contact us via sales@empirisoft.com with any additional questions you might have.
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