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Thread: BGR and WGR Trouble

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    BGR and WGR Trouble

    I'm working with a questionnaire in which I have 5 groups, each of which has 60 "questions" to be presented. Within each group, I have the 60 questions broken up into 2 groups. I do not care which order the 5 groups of questions appear in, as long as each's 60 questions are asked before moving onto another group.

    I tried using numbers 1-5 in the Between Group Randomization column. Then, within each of the 5 groups, I broke up each set of 60 questions into "1"s or "2"s.

    When I run it, after having saved it as an experiment, I get what looks like complete randomization, or randomization within groups (by "1"s and "2"s but I cannot be sure because of the sheer number).

    In case I simply got the meanings of WGR and BGR confused, I tried switching the values from one column to the other, but still I get randomization that is not contained with the 1-5 groups.

    How can I randomize as I am hoping to?

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    Not sure about your design. The BGR idea for the 5 groups of 60 makes sense. In what way do you need the items broken into 2 groups within the larger groups? You had two sets of 30 within each group of 60--both randomized, right? If so, did you always have 30 WGRs of 1 and 30 WGRs of 2? If so, the problem may be that you need to use 3's and 4's for the second group of 60, 5's and 6's for the one after that and so on. Otherwise all the items with a WGR of 1 across all of your big groups will be randomized with each other and I don't think you don't want that!

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