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Thread: Running remote sessions

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    Running remote sessions

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    Everything seems to be working well! One of our teams is interested in using this software to conduct global research. Do you have customers from industry who need to use the software beyond the walls of their organization for marketing research in which consumers are tested? If so, how do they handle the licensing? Do they physically bring laptops to other facilities? Do you have licensees/partners in other regions or countries who can facilitate research at a cost (e.g., universities with licenses)? I'm just brainstorming ways to conduct research in other countries without having to physically ship laptops with the software on it. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!!

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    We don’t have any formal system for overseas research like this, but I know of institutions who do it on their own. Normally it's done by way of colleagues who know each other at different institutions around the world. Many labs also take their laptops out in the world, but obviously this isn’t usually practical when you’re talking about research in other countries. You can also get the software setup in other labs temporarily. We offer a software "rental" service for situations like that where you can load the software and use it remotely for up to 3-weeks for $50/machine.

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