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Thread: Changing styles in mid-sentence (case 497)

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    Changing styles in mid-sentence (case 497)

    I am attempting to change style codes in mid-sentence in a text file. For some reason, all of the examples I see only change between different sentences (one style for questions, another for responses, etc as in the help file). I need to see the format for changing the style within a sentence, as the help file says I can ("You can also place style codes in the middle of a line of text (e.g., to change the color or italics of a font).") I have tried a number of different ways to do this, none of them work (I simply get a blank screen). For example, entering the following as the first line in a text file that is called from STIM gives me a blank screen: text <4> more text <2> more text; as does putting a ~ in front of the first word. What am I not doing right here?
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    Any chance you could attach your input, style file and a sample text file? Even just something with a single trial so I can see if I can replicate it here? Also which version of DirectRT are you running? i.e., 20xx.x.x, and on which version of Windows?

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    Changing Styles in mid-sentence

    I am attempting to make a dot probe task that randomizes the location of the probe as well as the location of the threat word. I realize that there may be another/better way to do this, but I wanted to try using these nested text files (since the method would work well with a few other projects if I can make it work at all).

    The idea is that the probe will need to be presented on either the left or right of the screen. For the Right Side, this is pretty easy: I can just add spaces in front of the probe (see PRR.txt), and DRT automatically horizontally centers and offsets the probe vertically by the number of spaces. However, for the Left Side probe location, DRT wants to put the probe in the center and ignores any spaces inserted in the text file after the probe. I thought maybe I could fool DRT into offsetting the probe to the left of center by putting a dot or other character after the spaces. For the dot to be invisible, I though I could change the style to be the same as the background color in mid sentence (see PRLt.txt). I was unable to make this work (see original posting in this thread).

    I am running DRT 2008.2.103.1115 on a 64bit Windows 7 machine.

    I have found a "work around" for this problem, by inserting lines and spaces in a Left Justified style (4 in attached style file), but the alignment with the Right Side probe is not perfect.
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    Changing styles continued

    You will also need these three text files to make the csv work...
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    Hi knappnet.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
    Jason Reed
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