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Thread: RT recorded at keyboard button press or voice?

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    RT recorded at keyboard button press or voice?

    I am running an experiment which involves measuring a vocal RT to each stimulus in a series of audio stimuli. I have also asked DirectRT to allow me to enter a button press (spacebar) from the keyboard to show that the response is correct. I also want one second of additional recording time from when the participants respond. I have entered this in the "Time" column as follows - rt:57,aud,rec,-1000. In the event of an incorrect response, what should I do? Should I press a button other than the spacebar or not press any buttons. In my pilot runs, I got the impression that, in the event of an incorrect vocal response, the program was allowing the response window to time out before moving on, rather than moving on from the vocal response plus one second additional recording time. I started to wonder whether the RTs for the correct responses were recorded at my spacebar button press or at my participant's vocal response. Hope that makes sense. Thank you :-)

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    Normally, adding the keycode to audio response stuff would allow you to accept a keypress while the voice rt is occurring. e.g., see:


    In your case, it sounds like you want a keypress response *after* the voice response in order to indicate whether or not it was correct. If so, I would just add this as a subsequent response--e.g., "~","0,0,1"."rt:57,43" where the first code indicates correct and the second indicates incorrect. Would that work for you?

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    Thanks!!! Yes, this should do the trick. Rather than present a blank screen, I found it useful to provide some text on screen (e.g. Correct or Incorrect?) so that I would know when it was time to provide the keypress.

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