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Thread: Placing one image on top of another

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    Placing one image on top of another

    [edited from support email]

    We need to do an emotional Stroop and the idea is to present a picture and ask the participant to indicate the color of the frame of the picture. To create the frames, we then thought, we would just create some squares in diferent colours and place them "under" the picture to present as to make it seem a frame around the image.

    We assured, that the frame is big enough not to be covered by the picture, but being like a frame around it. In the "help menu'" of DirectRT, it says that putting "0" in the "time"- column makes the two stimulus of the line enter on the screen at the same time.

    Now, when we run this file in DirectRT, we only get the pictures, but never the colours. I will add the input template, that we have created just to figure it out with two colours and 4 pictures.

    Can you tell us, what is wrong with the input template?

    Thank you so much!
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    I think the problem here is that you are clearing the first screen by using a location value of "0,0,1" on the second stimulus. Instead, try using "0,0,0" on the second picture. That third zero indicates that you do not want the screen erased prior to the current stimulus.


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