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Thread: Version / Backwards Compatibility (case 40)

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    Version / Backwards Compatibility (case 40)

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    Can we run MediaLab and DirectRT studies with v2006 if they were created using an earlier version such as v2002 or v2004?
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    We strongly recommend that you test anything like this before scheduling subjects. But with that said, yes, we try to make all new versions completely compatible with prior versions so your old experiments will continue to work as they have in the past. We also strive for backward compatibility such that experiments created with the newest versions will also run fine using the older versions (unless of course you are using some features that were not available in the older version).
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    Will there be any issues running files created in v2004 in 2012?

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    We've tried very heard to ensure forward compatibility between versions. You shouldn't have any issues. However, we'd recommend a thorough test before scheduling expensive participants.

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    thanks for the info

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