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Thread: Right alignment for Hebrew (case 440)

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    Right alignment for Hebrew (case 440)

    Your tips were very helpful, but there are still two problems left:
    1) The Right Align Text option didn't change the alignment of the response options.
    2) Since Hebrew is written from right to left, The Hebrew continue button should also be designed accordingly: It should be located in the bottom left corner, with the arrow to the left side of the word.

    >Check this out and see if it helps:
    > www.empirisoft.com/support/showthread.php?p=1731
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    I checked this out and you are correct. I will add this to the to-do list for the next version. If it's critically important, you could create right aligned labels in html and then list the html files in the label areas. See the final item in Sample #2 for an example.

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    is this option available for v2010?
    We also would like to place the response buttons on the right side together with the question text\\

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    One way to get instructions and response scales would be to create the text in another program (e.g., Powerpoint), and then save each screen as an image file. You can then display these images as the background for scale response items. The advantage of this route is that it would give you much better control over the formatting and appearance of the text.
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