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Thread: Black screen?

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    Black screen?

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    when I start to run an experiment/questionnaire file the screen is all black. this happened while I was testing a questionnaire file. Under "Preferences" I get the following message "Run-time error 3343"..."Unrecognized database format 'C:\MediaLab\Styles\temp.mlp'. I went into the Styles folder and there are 2 extra files corresponding to "default" and "temp"...which are Access record-locking files. Should I re-install?
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    Delete default.ldb and temp.ldb, they are temporary files that might be messing with things. If that doesn't work, delete temp.mlp if it exists. If that doesn't work, then replace your default.mlp file with this clean version (unzip the attachment and copy and paste the file into your medialab\ini folder). If that doesn't work, then try uninstalling and reinstalling MediaLab. After uninstalling you may need to delete any residual files that remain in the c:\medialab folder (except the license200x.dll file).

    After re-installing....It works now! Thanks Blair.
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