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Thread: Multiple Responses per trial!

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    Multiple Responses per trial!

    I have created an experiment using divided visual fields which runs beautifully! I am using multiple stimuli per trial, therefor, multiple responses per trial. There are three responses per trial, all of the response times are being recorded correctly, but the accuracy is all showing up as correct. When we run through the experiment and press yes for all responses, even though half are coded to be correctly answered no, the accuracy column shows them all correct. Please Please Please does anybody know how to fix this????

    The only thing I can think of is that since our first stimulus in each trial is a story which requires you to press the spacebar when you have finished reading and therefor always marked as correct, that all stimuli for the trial is then marked correct.

    Please help, any imput would be much appreciated!

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    Remember that if you have more than a single response on a given trial, you need to compute "correct" values yourself when doing the data analysis. The "correct" column is there merely as a convenience when you have a single response trial. I believe it corresponds to the last rt when you have mulitple rts on a single trial, but I'd have to check--it might be the first (it should say in the guide).

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