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Thread: reaction time data

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    reaction time data

    In the .que file, where I have my questions, I have checked "WriteRT," but I am not sure what scale the time variable is recorded in. The data values are " 8215.00, 10587.00, 10922.00, 7836.00, 3263.00, 2830.00 " for six entries. Is the first value 82 seconds and 15 one-hundredths?

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    The values are in milliseconds, so 8215 would be 8.215 seconds.

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    how accurate is WriteRT?

    Is WriteRT in regular MediaLab useful for things like lexical-decision tasks? This would be data that is around a second or two, or less. I realize that DirectRT would be much better, but would plain old MediaLab be sufficient for a student project?

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    For potentially publishable data, we always recommend DirectRT for RTs that will have a tight distribution like you get in a priming or lexical decision task. But that said, MediaLab ought to be fine for a student project. You would be looking at a potential timing error of +/- 50 to 100 ms of timing error but it depends on a bunch of system variables (i.e., don't quote us on that!). Timing error won't invalidate your results, it will just make it harder to find an effect as it becomes comparable to the effect size you are looking for.

    Be sure to check this post out also:

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