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Thread: Upgrade questions

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    Upgrade questions

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    Can you assure us that any incremental improvements you make to the software will be available to us without further charge?
    Yes, any changes/improvements/fixes in the 2006 versions will be available to you at any time and free of charge for all eternity.

    How long do you expect that such incremental improvements will be made to the software (until 2008, assuming your 2-year cycle pattern of versions continues?)
    The software is always evolving. v2006 updates will likely be available up to a month or so before the v2008 release. In fact the first release of v2008 will be very similar to the final release of v2006 as many of the new features will have been added and tested during the present 2-year cycle. Same will go for v2010 when that comes out in fall of 2009.

    Should we expect that, once the new version launches, our upgrade price is likely to look like those currently printed on your website?
    We don’t change the prices very often. I would bet on them being the same or close to it.

    It's currently April. If we upgrade now from v2004 to v2006 will we have to pay full price for v2008 when it comes out in the fall?
    If you purchase one of our v2006 programs now, we will not charge you anything for the v2008 upgrade. We try to be as generous as we can with this because we know how annoying it is to buy a program and then, the next month, a new version comes out! We generally consider six months to be the window. For other users: If you're thinking "argh! I just missed the window!", let us know and we'll give you a nice discount

    Hope that helps!
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    Upgrade Questions

    My department is currently considering upgrading to a newer version of DirectRT. At the same time, my lab is considering buying a software program that would allow us to collect reaction time data online. A post in another thread suggested that the 2010 release of DirectRT might be web-friendly. I wanted to check in to see whether there was any update on this. Will the 2010 releases of DirectRT and/or MediaLab allow one to conduct web experiments? If so, are there any estimates about pricing and/or release dates? Sorry to be a pest about when the next version is coming out, but if the 2010 version of DirectRT will indeed allow for online data collection, and if the price is reasonable and the release isn't too far off, I'd like to advocate a site license purchase to my department. As such, I just want to make sure that I have all of my facts straight (insomuch as facts are available at this juncture). Thanks!

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    Both MediaLab and DirectRT should have web capability ready to test this fall in the 2010 versions. As far as pricing goes, we have not made a final decision on how we'll do this. Our preference is to allow users to use the online features at no additional charge. The approach we are considering is to let users run as many concurrent sessions over the internet as they have licenses. So, e.g., if you have 20 licenses, you could run 20 sessions at one time--whether they happen to be in your lab or over the internet. Hopefully, that will suffice for most users. If there are exceptions, we'll figure something out--maybe some nominal charge per session beyond the number of licenses you have. Again, there would be no additional charge for this use beyond the regular upgrade fees (which will be pretty much what they have always been (see www.empirisoft.com/order.aspx).

    PS., Whether site license holders with unlimited use within their labs would also have unlimited use of internet sessions is still a question (for a variety of security concerns). But whatever we work out, I expect it will be reasonable, practical and flexible.

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