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Thread: Play wmv files on MediaLab program

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    Play wmv files on MediaLab program

    I am planning to run one stuy through MediaLab, and do have one big problem that I desperately need your advice.

    I am trying to get MediaLab to play 2 minutes wmv files (PSA). I created the wmv file through Windows Movie Maker program. I've inserted them as movie items in questionnaires. But when I try to run the questionnaire, a black rectangle appears then Medialab just freezes - video doesn't present at all!

    Whenever that happens I have to use windows task manager to get out of Medialab. I've checked the videos in Windows Media Player and those video played well in the Windows Media Player.

    For your information, I'm running Medialab 2008.1.22.

    Could you let me know how to fix this problems? I saw one research experienced a similar problem, but I cannot see the information how to fix this probelm.

    Thank you for your help in advance

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    MediaLab v2010 tends to handle current video issues much better than v2008. However, you might be able to get away with installing a good codec package on your machine--something like the K-Lite free codec pack. I've attached the readme file for it which contains some relevant links. Or if you like you could also install the latest release (as of 6/21/2011 it's v2010.3--contact service@empirisoft.com for the link and you can also get a trial code). If upgrading is an option that might be your simplest solution. The K-Lite codec pack is also included in the utilities folder of the 2010.3 release.
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