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Thread: Running medialab, then another program, then back to medialab (case 4980)

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    Running medialab, then another program, then back to medialab (case 4980)

    Hi there,

    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me whether it is possible to somehow minimize medialab for a brief timeperiod, use another program, and then continue medialab. I'm going to have participants complete questionnaires with medlab, then engage in an interaction with another participant via a messaging program, then more questions with medialab.

    Because medialab runs on the whole screen, it doesn't seem possible to minimize without losing the data. It seems like the only possibility right now is to have them run through medialab for the first set of questions, then finish, open up the other program and do their task, then close the internet and have the experimenter set them up with a new medialab set of questions. This leaves a lot of room for error and requires too much experimenter intervention, so if there is some way around this anyone knows of that would be great.

    I use v2008.
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    How is the other task run? If it can be run the Internet Explorer, you could actually embed it within MediaLab as an item. Or launch it as an executable item. Are those possibilities? Minimizing is not a option as of now but you can run the session in a non-maximized window if that would help at all.

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    Non-maximized window

    I was wondering how you tell MediaLab to do this. Since I can't figure out how to resolve the IE7 problem to use the web tracker, and no one at Empirisoft will get back to me about that, I am having to use another browser to record their browsing history. I want to run MediaLab alongside Google Chrome. What do I need to do in order to do that? I am using the 2012 version.
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    Hi epfetz1!

    MediaLab only uses Internet Explorer as web browser for any items or tasks requiring it. You should make sure that you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer.
    Jason Reed
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