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Thread: Direct RT 2010 crashing

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    Direct RT 2010 crashing

    We recently upgraded from the beta version of Direct RT v.2010 to the most recent version. We are running it on dell computers running Windows 7 (64bit). Since the upgrade, Direct RT keeps crashing seemingly at random. It has crashed a few times early on, but it more frequently crashes toward the middle or end of an experiment. When it crashes, the screen simply goes black. There is no error message, and you have to force Direct RT to quit from the task manager window. After this happens, Direct RT opens and lets you say you want to start running a study, but then after you type in your subject number and condition number, nothing happens. There is no error message; it seems like Direct RT might think it is actually running the program but it isn't doing anything. This issue goes away if you restart the computer, but starts up again once Direct RT crashes again (which is like every other time you run something in it).

    I can run the samples, but they are relatively short. I found I encountered less crashes when I split my program file in half (from one program with 60 trials, to 2 programs with 30 trials each). Oddly, this doesn't help if you use media lab to run several program files in a single experiment. The same thing seems to happen; once direct rt has run 'enough' trials it just crashes (and crashes medialab as well). I say "enough" because it always seems to crash toward the end of the experiment, even though which file they are running has been randomized, so its not the same file or the same trial even that is causing the crashes.

    I've attached a dxdiag output from one of the computers as well as a copy of one of the csv program files. (The program file calls up photos which I have not attached). Any help would be greatly appreciated
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