I'm working on a creative achievement questionnaire and I've run into quite an annoying problem. The question reads as follows:

Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography)
0. I have no training or recognized talent in this area.(Skip to Music)
1. I have taken lessons in this area.
2. People have commented on my talent in this area.
3. I have won a prize or prizes at a juried art show.
4. I have had a showing of my work in a gallery.
5. I have sold a piece of my work.
6. My work has been critiqued in local publications.
7. My work has been critiqued in national publications.

It's a multiple response question BUT if a participant chooses "0" I would like the program to bypass the continue button and automatically jump to the next question. I've tried inserting (r1-1) under parameters but, it then only allows a subject to have only one response.

Anyone have any ideas as to how to accomplish this?