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Thread: IP licensing

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    IP licensing

    Hi there,
    Can anyone help me install Direct RT 2010 on Win7 PC with IP activation please?
    I am having problems understanding the instructions on the web for DirectRT 2010. Swansea uni psychology shows in the list of IP activated licenses.

    I am using drt2010.2.103.exe and the network IP licensing file license2010ip.dll downloaded form the web site.

    Just to clarify:
    in C:\DirectRT\Components\ there are files license2010ip.dll and license2010.dll

    So when I paste the single file license2010ip.dll here, it replaces the original license2010ip.dll file and leaves the license2010.dll unchanged.

    I tested with 99999 and it failed at this point. It told me to send my (correctly found) IP address to sales@ etc, and then this error appeared.
    System.runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040111): Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID
    {D194-etc} failed due to the following error:
    at _._()

    Website>If your directory contains a folder titled 'Components' paste the license files within this location, rather than the top directory (e.g,., C:\MediaLab\Components\license2010.dll).

    Where the website says 'paste the files', I have a problem in that I have only one dll.

    Website>Our 2008 and 2010 builds of the license files contain two separate .DLL's - both must be installed to the main folder.

    Not sure what ‘both must be installed’ means.
    I tried copy and pasting in the license2010 and license2010ip but still no joy.

    Any help appreciated thanks
    Best wishes
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