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Thread: Direct RT embedded into MediaLab not collecting data or playing wav files (case 6864)

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    Direct RT embedded into MediaLab not collecting data or playing wav files (case 6864)

    I have a few things going on. I am running a large experiment -- so I had to break it into two chunks (breast cancer message_section 1 and section 2).

    The first part of the study I collect demographics (which are working fine), let participants complete two "secondary task reaction time (STRT)" trials (which the videos work fine), and then collect STRTs to 16 videos (in .avi format) with questions in between. The STRT task is to respond as soon as possible to two randomly inserted (by DirectRT) beeps. MediaLab is playing the videos (and the beeps) but is not collecting the reaction times to these two beeps.

    Also, there are a series of "survey" questions following each video. MediaLab is playing each survey, but not collecting the survey responses.

    The second part of the study I collect recognition responses to probes and foils (i.e., 2 second audio clips taken from the videos in the first part of the study saved as .wav files). This again, was set up in DirectRT and embedded into MediaLab. The problem with this section of the experiment is that the audio files will not play and no data is being saved.

    I have had a colleague with experience with MediaLab and DirectRT look at my files to see if they were set up incorrectly (they were based off a very similar experiment that worked fine in MediaLab v. 2006). He states that they look fine but he also has issues getting things to play and/or record data.

    I am using MediaLab and DirectRT v. 2008

    I cannot get my zipped experiment to attach ( I keep getting a type 404 server error) but will certainly send via e-mail if possible. I desperately need help as this is part of a grant that ends soon (and I have to collect data ASAP). I can use part of grant for technical support if needed.
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    My apologies for not getting to your download in time. I saw in a previous email that you uploaded 140-MB of files. As instructed in the email, I went to www.yousendit.com (what a very useful site, btw) to pick up the files but the link had expired. Is there any chance you could re-upload so I can take a look?

    There are different issues that can affect tasks utilizing independent probe events (i.e., in terms of the symptoms you have described above). As we discussed before, I think it will be most useful to see the files and I'll be sure to get there ASAP so as not to miss them.

    One question in the meantime though--did you try the probe samples that are available here on the forums (and elsewhere)? I'm curious to know if they work on your system because I haven't heard of any problems before with v2008 running probe tasks before. If they *do* work, then we can simply look for the differences between the samples (that work) and whatever is different in your input files/probe events.

    PS., I do think it's quite likely that the file size caused the upload error on the forum. Note sure, but I think the upload limit is somewhere around 10mb.

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    PS., the link to the MediaLab probe task samples and documentation can be found here:


    Additionally, if you search on "probe" here in the forums, you can find additional postings some of which contains troubleshooting experiences with other users conducting these types of experiments. In fact, I just went through some of them and notice there was at least one Windows Vista related issue--are you running this on XP Vista or Windows 7?


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    YouSendIt files

    [edited/paraphrased by moderator]

    YouSendIt records confirm your email from 3/31 that you downloaded the documents before the 14 day expiration.
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    Well I am in fact very much wrong--my apologies. My support folders also confirm that I downloaded the files (I found the zip and the unzipped contents which I had actually gone through (!) upon receipt). And in looking at them, I do recall, also, not being able to find an easy solution. That's not unusual, but it is unusual to not get back to it and keep working on it. If there is any value in pursing a fix here, please let me know and I'll continue trying to figure out what's going wrong. Otherwise, I'll try to find a fix anyways just in case someone else comes across this thread having the same issue.

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    STRTs not recording responses


    We're either of you able to solve this issue? If so, how?


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    Can I offer any assistance?
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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