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Thread: multiple fill-in-the-blank and labels

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    multiple fill-in-the-blank and labels

    I'm showing participants a video of someone flipping a coin, after which I'm asking them, "What percentage of the tosses were: Heads____% Tails____%"

    How could I have 2 blanks to a questionnaire item and also to have them labelled?


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    Hey Sunshine,

    Check out this sample custom item:

    It allows you to have the subject enter multiple values with one item *and* have the values checked for a valid total (e.g., such as 100%). See the section in the new v2006 manual on custom items for an overview if you're new to using them. Editing the sample html file in a text editor should be pretty easy for the item you are describing but let me know if you run into any trouble and I'll be happy to help!


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