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Thread: MediaLab Version 2010.2

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    MediaLab Version 2010.2

    Release date: January 23rd, 2011.

    Changes, updates and bug fixes included in v2010 that are now considered stable are documented here as they evolved during the v2008 releases.

    Most of the changes listed have proven to be stable and are now carried into the first release of v2010. As we continue to update v2010, all licensed users will have free access to the new releases. Announcement of new releases, feature additions, bug fixes and other updates will be regularly posted here.

    The most notable fix in v2010 is Vista and Windows 7 compatibility. Experiments that ran perfectly well under Windows XP would, under certain circumstances, suddenly end on Vista and/or Windows 7--especially if they were unusually long. Final releases of v2008 appeared to get around this issue in Vista (the so called "150 item barrier") but not in Windows 7 which was much less forgiving. Tracking the source of the issue down to memory leaks in Windows 7 led to the solution and now MediaLab v2010 offers a stable release to use on this most recent version of Windows as well as Vista and XP.

    MediaLab has always used the Windows Media Player as its video "engine" for playing movies. However, it was limited to using WMP v6 which caused MediaLab to fall behind the capabilities of Microsoft's later releases of the WMP. In MediaLab, v2010, the most recent version of the WMP installed on a machine is utilized (requires WMP version 7 or later). With freeware codec packages availalble such as those from k-lite, virtually all video formats are now available for playing within MediaLab.
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    v2010.2.15, posted February 15th, 2011

    Fixed bug in v2010.1.23 that prevented password screens from appearing.

    Noted that subject/condition text boxes not automatically highlighted when starting a session.

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    Post v2010.2.19, posted February 17th, 2011

    We now create a unique IP dll just for MediaLab in the main MediaLab folder call licenseML2010ip.dll. This is to prevent any dll registration issues that occur due to multiple copies on one machine (e.g., when DirectRT gets installed).

    Install note: Before installing 2010.2.19, we suggest uninstalling whatever version you have and even deleting the residual MediaLab folder and files not removed by the uninstall. The install file is called 2010.2.19.exe because that is the release version of “MediaLab.exe”. However, the InstallShield package is titled “2010.2” so that subsequent minor releases will always show up as "MediaLab 2010.2" under that single name in the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel. If there is ever a MAJOR upgrade then it will be 2010.3 but that will be a while from now.

    Another version 2010.2.18 was posted briefly prior to 2010.2.19. This briefly posted version showed an IP related pop-up window when trying to use IP licensing. This is fixed in 2010.2.19.

    Worked on an issue improving the use of top (t) and left (l) parameters when trying to locate the video files when the default centering is not desired. Let us know if this continues to be an issue at all.

    Fixed issue where ending a backvideo early could cause a lock up on some systems. We have had one report of the duration parameter not working well with items containing videos although we have been able to replicate. Let us know if you run into this and we'll keep looking into it.
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    See also note regarding beta for MediaLab v2012 (i.e., v2010.3):


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