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Thread: Online access

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    Online access


    I am running my psycho study on the latest version of DrectRT. I have to ask my participants to come to the lab to do the study, and it is actually not very convenient. I wonder if it is possible to share the link of my study with people in order they could do my experiment at any time online (like Qualtrics does). Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We have online versions of both DirectRT and MediaLab--both about 80% complete. Where we are blocked is in some logistical issues in terms of participants having consistently configured machines while the study is running. Especially for DirectRT due to precision needs. Right now we've put it on hold. We do have one solution where participants can download a huge file (think ~80-100mb) that ensures everything is exactly right to run a precision study. It works but it's limited to running on Windows machines (on either PCs or Macs) and botom line it's simply not a solution we want to give our customers. So while we are still going in that direction, it's not available for public use yet. A search for "online" in these forums will turn up other discussions (some hopeful, some pessimistic) about this but as of now (March, 2011) we don't see it happening before 2012 comes out at best. Personally, I'm inclined to keep it in the labs at this point just because the hardware and the environment are under the control of the researcher. Prevents sooo many headaches associated with going online. But of course, not all labs have access to the resources to locally, or they want access to remote subjects. Wish I had a less annoying answer.

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