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Thread: Problems with Randomize-B with 2 conditions

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    Problems with Randomize-B with 2 conditions

    I have 2 conditions in my experiment and 3 sets of questionnaires in which to show participants that i have tried to randomize (the order that they are shown) by utilizing the randomize-B. However, when i input condition 2 (there is something earlier in the experiment that i manipulate so i need 2 conditions)... some of the sets of the questionnaires dont show up.

    For example. sometimes all 3 questionnaires (A, B, & C) would show up... sometimes it would just be A... sometimes its A & C...

    anyone have any idea what's going on?

    i made sure all the write as text values are 2 or 1 accordingly.. and the options are "none" so for example... the omit condition is none to ensure that no conditions would omit them...


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    If you send me your que and exp file I'll take a look. Zip and post them here or send them to me at support@...

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