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Thread: DirectIN keyboards, driver software fails to install

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    DirectIN keyboards, driver software fails to install

    We can't get the keyboards to work with our lab computers which are running Windows 7 (64bit). When you plug a keyboard in it says that the driver software failed to install.

    The keyboards work fine on an older machine running Windows XP professional.

    Has anyone else had this issue with the keyboards? Any suggestions?

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    I know our hardware engineer, John, is looking into this. I also emailed Dave D. and he mentioned this is Windows 7 running on a PC and not on an Intel Mac. That's very useful because I don't think we've ever seen the keyboards not work on a PC. I can't imagine how the 64-bit version-ing of 7 could make a difference. I run it on my machine here but it's run on an Intel Mac. Can you attach dxdiag.txt from one of these machines? Also, can you make sure you are logged in as an administrator when you try plugging it in? Perhaps also try unplugging any other USB devices that happen to be connected before you do so. Finally, are you connecting directly to one of the computer's USB ports or are you going through a hub or extension cable of any kind? Just some ideas to get started with. Hopefully John will have something more solid for you shortly. If not, you can mail one of the boards to use here in NYC (at our expense of course) and we can do some tests on them to see what's up.

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    To answer some of your questions: I have been signed in as administrator when attempting to plug in the keyboards, and I have been plugging them directly into the usb ports on the machine (not through an extension line or hub of some kind).

    I will generate and attach a dxdiag.txt file when I am in the lab tomorrow. (The weather in the Northeast kept me home today). I'll also try your suggestion of unplugging the other usb devices attached to the computer, though I believe the mouse is the only other usb device.

    I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions!

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    No problem. John (our hardware engineer) also seems to think there may be a small USB circuit board issue that is at odds with Windows 7. He's checking into a solution and hopefully we'll have this resolved asap.

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    Unplugging the other usb devices from the computer does not seem to help the problem. The driver software still fails to install.

    I've attached a dxdiag.txt from one of the computers.

    As per your instructions, I'll also be mailing one of the keyboards to you in the near future.

    Thanks again for the help!
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    Jolie--latest update. John has successfully cracked the Windows 7 barrier (see attached images for Windows 7 as well as Mac OS 10.6.6). We should be shipping a working model to you to test within the week.
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