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Thread: Having Problem with TTL, Parallel Port, I/O test

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    Having Problem with TTL, Parallel Port, I/O test

    To I/O test, I followed the instruction of Media Lab. When everything was connected and opened the IO test page, LPT1:error, LPT2:error, and LPT3:error showed. I even entered 888, it didn't work.

    What else should I do? I am using Media Lab on Windows 7.

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    As a follow up, these errors are still occurring even when the cable is removed from the desktop. It seems that the Media Lab software (IO test) doesn't even recognize LPT ports in Windows 7. Could you help?!


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    More information about my system

    Can you please provide detailed parameters with respect to the parallel port interface for use with the Media Lab software under Windows 7? Here are some of the settings under Windows 7 and in the Bios that we have control over.

    Bios: ECP, EPP with DMA (two variants), EPP without DMA or legacy AT/PS2 settings.
    Bios: set the base address of the single printer port between the standards for LPT1, LPT2 and LPT3.

    Windows 7 Enable/disable legacy plug and play for parallel port
    Windows 7 Let windows automatically manage base address, IRQ and other settings
    Windows 7 Require or prevent use of interrupts for the parallel port
    Windows 7 Manually set a base address
    Windows 7 Manually set an IRQ assignment

    We have confirmed that we are getting an approximately 5V signal through the cable where it connects the biopac to the computer so the cable appears to be ok. We also connected a parallel port printer to that same port on the computer and the printer printed fine. At present we are still getting ‘LPT1 – error’ when we attempt to test it via the IOTEST.exe utility. Manually forcing to 888 (378h) for a port value didn’t help either. At this point it appears to be either a windows/bios setting that needs to be adjusted just to accommodate the Biopac signaling or a problem within the Medialab program. All the hardware and all other applications seem to work fine with this parallel printer port under generic Windows 7 default settings.

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