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Thread: Seperate BGR column commands

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    Seperate BGR column commands

    in the BGR column, sometimes I want 2 practice blocks to be randomize, and some (lets say 6) blocks of experiment to be randomize just after the practice. I do not want them to get mixed- i.e. Practice with experiment. What I'm now using is counterbalance for practice and BGR numbers for experiment's blocks. It would be great if you could tell DRT to randomize numbers 1 and 2 (but not 3-8), and then after that (after the practice) to randomize numbers 3-8 which are the experiment block. I know that I can run them separately in ML. However, I want to use only DRT.
    I'm thinking of putting a txt file for BGR column where u can add several lines. If in the txt file these lines would appear:
    Then DRT would know to randomize blocks 1 and 2, and thereafter and only then to randomize block 3 to 8
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    Hi Trace,

    Thanks for the suggestion--I will see if we can work something like this into the next version,


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