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Thread: NEW subliminal issue

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    NEW subliminal issue

    I'm asking DRT for presentation times of 12ms and getting anything from 15 to 350. I'm running Windows 7 on a new Dell with a CRT monitor set to a refresh rate of 85hz. My video card is an nVidia GeForce 9300GE. I've read the previous posts on subliminal issues and they didn't solve my problem. For example, I've got a 1000 ms trial interval and on my display properties I've selected 85hz for the 1024 x 768 resolution I'm running the study on. It seems like my issue is quite similar to the last post on the subliminal "sticky" thread-- ssmith left the post:


    I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone could offer on this issue...thanks!

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    What version of DirectRT are you using, i.e., 20xx.x.x? Was it the same same machine on which it used to work fine? If so, what version of DirectRT was that (if you can recall)? Also, if you run some of the various samples that come with DirectRT (especially ones from the first few folders), do you get similar variance in the display times?
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    So I figured out the issue. Updating the video card driver completely resolved the issue.

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    Great to hear maxweis, thanks for the update and for your troubleshooting efforts. Please let me know if you experience anything like this again, or any other related issues.


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    New resolution to new subliminal issue

    I previously posted that I had solved a new subliminal issue by updating my video card (nvidia GEForce 9300). It turns out my solution was unstable-- the display time problem reappeared a few days later.

    I looked into it a little bit more and started playing around with my video card setting. I seem to have resolved the issue (at least for now) by changing a single setting. I wanted to post my solution in case someone has a similar issue:

    I had to change the 3d settings on the video card from emphasizing "Quality" to emphasizing "Performance." Once I did that, my display times were exactly what I programmed them to be. Prior to this solution, display times were typically about 20ms longer than I requested.

    If you happen to have a video card similar to mine, it is pretty easy to change this setting. I'm running XP but if you are running Windows 7, the route to this setting should be relatively similar:

    (1) Go to control panel and click on "Nvidia control panel"
    (2) You'll notice that the left side of the the nvidia control panel has a few options. Go to "adjust image settings with preview"
    (3) Now on the right side, you'll see a rotating 3-D picture preview. Under the picture preview, select "use my preference emphasizing..."
    (4) Move the bar from "quality" all the way to "performance"-- that just moves the bar from the right to the left.

    That simple change enabled me to present subliminal images. Good luck!

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