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Thread: Soooo Mac or no Mac? (case 6526)

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    Soooo Mac or no Mac? (case 6526)


    Just got a fancy new i7 macbook pro and bootcamp 3 on it + windows 7. dRT works fine on our intel macs with bootcamp and XP but unfortunately i get the dreaded "can't identify refresh rate...overflow something" error.

    Anyone dealt successfully with this issue? downloaded all the directX (11) updates, and all other window updates, all seems to work well apart from the fact that 3D functions are not available.


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    Hi Baruch,

    Of course, please visit our ever popular "does this stuff work on macs" thread as we all watch it evolve. It's here:


    Bottom line so far is that most users are having very good luck running MediaLab and DirectRT on the new Intel Macs. Note though for Windows 7 that you do need DirectRT 2010 (MediaLab v2008 is ok if you have the most recent version). And BootCamp seems to be the way to go although Parallels has had some positive results also. Fwiw, I am currently running all this stuff on a new MacBook Pro with Windows 7 on BootCamp.


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    Not working on my MacBook Pro using Windows 7 in Bootcamp

    Hi Blair,

    DirectRT is working on my MacBook Pro (Windows 7 using Bootcamp), but MediaLab is not. Whenever I try to run the sample experiments, it just gives me the splash screen (blue/gray screen) but nothing shows up. Can you assist me in getting it to work on mine please?


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    thread may be of interest

    Hi prof123.

    It may be cold comfort, but your problem is not uncommon. Without knowing exactly what version of MediaLab you are trying to use, previous discussions of your problem can be found in this thread:


    A solution may be that you have to use Windows XP instead of Windows 7.

    I hope that this thread provides a solution or solid start towards finding one.



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    I'd suggest reinstalling MediaLab if it's not running the samples. This is MediaLab v2012.4 on Windows 7? That should be fine--at the very least to run the samples. Hmm--please let us know if an update does it! And yes, the blue-ish screen link above may help also.. but it's very odd not to be able to run ANYTHING at all with a fresh install of v2012.4 or later.

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