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Thread: Install the latest release of MediaLab?

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    Install the latest release of MediaLab?

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    I see in the support forum that I need v2006.1.30 or later in order to use previous fill-in-the-blank responses in later question response options. Now my question is, how do I go about upgrading from 2006.1.16 to 2006.1.30? Will I need to uninstall my current version, download and upgrade the new one, e-mail you with the code, and wait for you to get back to me? Or is there a different way?

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    Before starting you should check what version you have--you can check this by clicking "About MediaLab" on the main Help menu. You can also check the latest available version of MediaLab on our main download page: www.empirisoft.com/download.aspx. You can check out the differences between versions in our Version History area. There are two basic methods of updating/upgrading:

    Super Easy: Uninstall and Reinstall
    This is usually the safest and easiest. You can download the newest version from www.empirisoft.com/download.aspx. Uninstall your current version and then run the downloaded setup file. If you are upgrading from a previous release of the same version (e.g., v2006.*.* to v2006.*.*) then you will not need a new code. If you do for some reason, let us know. If you are upgrading from a previous version (e.g., v2004.*.* to v2006.*.*) you will need a new code.

    Alternate Method: Trickier but Faster:
    You can only do this within minor versions (e.g., v2006.1.* to v2006.1.* or v2006.2.* to v2006.2.*). Most of the release changes are contained within a single file called medialab.exe located in the main MediaLab folder (usually c:\medialab\medialab.exe). In the case of minor release updates, you can simply replace this single file in order to get all the benefits of a complete uininstall/reinstall.

    Although a complete uninstall/reinstall never hurts, sometimes, we post the absolute freshest version of medialab.exe on our release note pages (www.empirisoft.com/support/forumdisplay.php?f=18) before it's available as a total package on the download page. This method is a bit trickier so it's recommended for those who have some experience dealing with zip files and file folders. If that's you, and you want to try it, here is what to do:

    Download the any given zip file from the release note pages, unzip it, and then replace your existing copy of medialab.exe (usually located in c:\medialab) with the newer version you just pulled out of the zip file. That's it, you should be ready to go with no new code needed. If you are prompted for a new code, chances are the older version of medialab.exe was not actually replaced with the newer one, but rather run independently from some other location.
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