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Thread: mapped drive, local folder

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    mapped drive, local folder

    the experiment file, question files, and data files are stored on a mapped drive. Embedded in the BACKGROUND field of the question file is the path to a folder on the local desktop. The folder name is html, and the files inside the folder have .htm extension. When the experiment is run, the subject see's the instruction on the monitor that corresponds to the .htm file that was called up. This is working fine on the current win xp machine. We are attempting to move to windows 7 64 bit. We have mapped the drive, and edited the .que file BACKGROUND field to compensate for the differences in xp and 7. That is the location of the file on xp is c:\documents and settings\username\desktop\foldername\file name.
    And in win7 it is C:\users\username\desktop\foldername\file name.
    When the experiment starts on the win 7 machine, the participant sees a window pop up named: web browser, and inside the window it says? cannot find file///p:mapped drive letter in this case/foldername/foldername/foldername/exp filename/c:/users/username/desktop/foldername/filename.htm
    make sure the path or internet address is correct.

    Any ideas,are greatly appreciated.
    Thank You
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    Hi Sam,

    Sorry, I am a little confused here. What exactly is the path assigned to the mapped drive letter? i.e., if you are using the drive letter "P:\" then exactly what folder opens if you type "P:\" while browsing for windows files?

    And then, exactly what do you have entered in the "background field"? If you can, please be explicit (i.e., avoid generic placeholders like foldername and such). I ask that because sometimes the content of the path itself can cause the problem.


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