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Thread: Switching the Go Back and Continue buttons' location to be right-to-left (case 5814)

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    Switching the Go Back and Continue buttons' location to be right-to-left (case 5814)

    Can the location of the Go Back and Continue buttons be switched so that on the right is the Go Back button and the Continue button is on the left?
    In right-to-left languages (i.e. Hebrew) users read the screens from right to left and expect the continue button to be on the left instead on the right.
    Not too critical though -- only if there's a straightforward solution on hand.
    Thanks, Eyal
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    Yes - to do so, navigate to the folder:

    Try swapping the names of the files 'goback.bmp' and 'continue.bmp'. Additionally - you may have to edit the image to change the direction of the arrow associated with the text.

    MediaLab uses these graphics to render the Go Back and Continue text at the bottom of the screen.

    You may need to also try changing the graphics used within the folder for the language you're using.

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    This does not work. What happens now is that the Continue button is still on the right but now it says "go back" in Hebrew...

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    Ah - yes. That's correct. My apologies, I didn't quite think that one all the way through.

    While it is possible to change the actual graphics used, the underlying functions will still be located in the same position.

    Unfortunately, the underlying functions cannot be swapped in place of one another. With this said, I do not think there's an easy solution to your initial question; however I've added it to our notes to implement within a future version of MediaLab.

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    Thank you. I'll look forward to hearing about it in future versions.

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    Continue and Go Back buttons in Hebrew


    I'm running a two surveys, one in Arabic and one in Hebrew, and ran across this thread. I am wondering if anybody has the continue.bmp and goback.bmp already translated into either of these languages I could use? Or suggest a method to edit the images? I'm new to editing images so any suggestion would be helpful.


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    Hebrew is available


    Different language versions of the "continue" and "go back" images are available in MediaLab 2012 (not sure about earlier versions) in the C:\MediaLab\Graphics folder. Hebrew is currently available; Arabic is not. Replacing the "continue.bmp" and "goback.bmp" files in that C:\MediaLab\Graphics folder will change what is displayed in MediaLab.

    As for making your own, Paint is a program that comes with Windows that can create/edit image files. Use the existing continue/go back images as a template, and try to match the sizes and layout as best you can so it displays correctly.

    I've attached the Hebrew files in case they are not available with your version of MediaLab.
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