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Thread: Data error messages at end of session

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    Data error messages at end of session

    I am encountering several error messages when I run my experiment in MediaLab. This is happening at the end of the experiment and in both conditions.

    Here is the info about the programs:
    MediaLab version 2008.1.13
    DirectRT version 2006.2.0.28

    These are the three error messages I receive each time:

    1. 75 Path/File access error
    2. 52 Bad file name or number
    3. Error opening SPSS file for append. Make sure file is not already open.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Similar issue here but doesn't look like there was a resolution:


    These errors all occur (in most cases) because MediaLab can not write new data to the data folder. There are a few reasons this can happen.

    1. Data files are already open (although ML would normally tell you this at the start of the session)
    2. Data files are read only--this can happen, e.g., if the experiment and its data folders were copied off a CD which causes all the file to become "read-only"--right clicking the data folder to check for "read/write" is a good check here.
    3. Data files are located in a folder that has user rights protection (see link above)
    First thing I would suggest is to ensure that *all* files and folders are closed when you start your session. Does that make a difference? If not, then the next thing I would try is to backup and then delete the data folder and run a test session--does that resolve it? It may be that there is a corrupt file and starting fresh will resolve it.

    If none of this works then let me know and we can do some more in depth trouble shooting.

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