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Thread: Using a comma when receiving TTL signals?

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    Using a comma when receiving TTL signals?

    [edited from support email]

    From the manual:
    To read signals, just specify the rt in the time column as always with one addition.. place the port you want to read the signals from in parentheses after the list of valid ttl codes, e.g., if you want to allow 4, 5, and 11 as valid signals from port 889, then enter the following in your time column with no spaces:
    Whereas in the sample receiveTTL.csv input file, I find:
    The little difference is, that in this case there is no comma between the last code and the portnumber in parentheses. Maybe this difference is not important?

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    I just checked and you DO want that comma in there. I will fix and replace the sample. Thanks for pointing this out!


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