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Thread: Providing feedback?

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    Providing feedback?

    I have been attempting to do this on my own but I am running out of ideas and time. I hope someone can give me an advice that would help with this.

    I would like to present subjects with a set of pictures that will appear on the screen one at a time. They will be instructed that clicking on some of those pictures could be a beneficial thing. Therefore they will click on some or all of the pictures.
    I would like pictures to advance from one to the next on “click” or after a specified time period if a person does not click on it. Also, I would like to give them a feedback if they click on a “beneficial” picture. This feedback should last a few seconds after which they should automatically be exposed to the next picture.

    I tried using pop-ups as a feedback method and it works fine except subjects have to acknowledge a pop-up (click “ok” on it) and if they don’t do it fast enough error message appears (“run-time error 401 – can’t show non-modal form when modal form is displayed”).
    Also, is there a way to have subjects press a space bar instead of clicking on images in order to advance from one to another and/or to select “beneficial” image?
    Finally, I am currently using scale response and placing images as a background in order to be able to click on them. Would you suggest using any other method?

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    This sounds like it would most easily be accomplished with a little HTML and javascript. The HTML page could be placed as a background to the scale response item you are using. I'm guessing there are many samples of javascript on the web that you could use to accomplish this. Is this sounding like something possible for you to accomplish?

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    HTML and javascript

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with HTML or javascript and I do not have time to learn it right now. Do you think this is something I could outsource and where would I find people who could write this code for me? I would appreciate any suggestion you might have.

    Thanks again!

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