[edited from support email]

I have a question for you regarding the Medialab. We are trying to get participants to choose a few of the articles and record which article they choose and how long they spend reading them.

The first page is the main manu in which participants can see options of articles. Then, once they click on the article, the computer will take them to the article. After they read the article, the computer will take them back to the main menu.

I was wondering if it's possible to set up the menu page such that participants can go back and forth between the menu page and articles, and that we will have a record of participants' behavior. If so, which question format should I use?

The version of the medialab that I am using is 2004. I understand that the Medialab doesn't update the data once you select an answer and go back to the previous page to change it. If I can use the Medialab for this study, is there any way to go about this issue? If you could get back to me, that would be great!

Thank you very much!