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Thread: Multiple videos on one screen

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    Multiple videos on one screen

    This sample shows how to play synchronized video clips in your DirectRT session. On each trial another video is added until on the fourth trial, four videos play in synch--one in each quadrant of the screen. For simplicity, the sample uses the same clip (video1.mpg) in all quadrants. You can, of course, substitute other videos and/or animations in the input file. Just place them in your stim folder and indicate the correct size when you list them in your input file. Note the colour.txt file contains 32 (for 32 bit colour). You might have to change that to 16 or 24 if your system doesn't support 32-bit color at 1024x768.

    Here is the link--it's about 8MB because of the sample vid clip:
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    Asynchronous videos & clips & such

    I am looking to do something similar in Medialab (response time is NOT an issue, although an IRT may be in the offing). I note that you are not using HTML for this particular stunt (I can't view it right now--need to install DirectRT first....doh!), but can something similar be done in medialab without HTML?

    I want to present 4 videos on screen and allow the person to select one of them as their response to the question. Is this a possibility? Or is only going to work if you have HTML?

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    Difference is that in DirectRT they will (if all goes well) be perfectly in synch and start without a lag. MediaLab is limited to a single main video although you can also add a background video. To get to 4 (or more) you would need to use HTML ... OR a PowerPoint show might also let you do it. Try dropping your four videos on a PowerPoint slide and see if that works for you. If you want it on the same screen as your selection buttons (as opposed to that following the videos)... then you could again, use HTML as a background with the video embedded. You also try saving that PowerPoint show as an HTML file and see if that will work for you as a background. Never tried that but it might work.

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