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Thread: Can MediaLab make printed questionnaires?

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    Can MediaLab make printed questionnaires?

    [edited from support email]

    We are currently running an experiment using MediaLab. Due to limited access to computers at one of our locations, we wanted to obtain a print out version of the scale responses and questionnaires used within MediLab. We would use these print-outs at this location. Is this possible?

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    We've thought about adding a feature like that but it's not available yet. We could give you some temporary codes to run the software on laptops--would that help? If not, there is a print function in the experiment editor, but it's not really a method for creating questionnaires for administration--it's really more for keeping records. The questionnaire files are just little Access databases--you could open them in Access and work with them to create a paper and pencil version, but it would be a bit of work.

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