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Thread: Inserting Calculated Scores into Word Documents

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    Inserting Calculated Scores into Word Documents

    Hi Folks,

    This is Pat Carroll from Ohio State. I am attempting to use "calculated scores" in a response file to customize the feedback provided to participants so that the minimum GPA requirement listed a fictious masters program is .10 above the GPA that they reported on an earlier item.

    I have pasted the questionnaire wording that will be presented to participants in which the minimum GPA requirement calculated from their response to the earlier GPA item is listed as the minimum GPA requirement (tgpa=gpa + .10).

    ************************************************** *************************
    Master of Science in Business Psychology

    The MBP is an accelerated Masters program designed for psychology students with no prior business experience. This 12-month curriculum combines business training and psychological principles into a marketable Master of Science degree that is applicable in many facets of business. Students must have an undergraduate degree in psychology or any area of business and must meet the following requirements.

    • Minimum GPA requirement for the MBP program:

    <tgpa> GPA

    • Bachelors degree in Psychology or any area of Business

    • Students must meet with a MBP advisor to discuss curriculum options.

    • Students must have 3 letters of recommendation, a resume or vita,
    and a letter of intent.
    ************************************************** *************************

    Although I am able to accomplish this using "fill-in-the-blank" or "instructions" item types in the questionnaire file, I am unable to accomplish this when I use the item type of "word document" in which the calculated score that is presented back to participants for that item is presented on a word document with special formatting and the Program logo at the top.

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether it was possible to insert the calculated values "on-line" into an word document for the item type or whether the insertion of calculated values to present the participant are limited to "instructions" or "fill-in-the-blank item types. I would really appreciate any direction you can provide. Thanks folks!


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    Instead of having 165 screens, why not have 1 screen that says:

    Your GPA of <GPA> falls short of the minimum GPA requirement by .10 points. The current cutoff is <GPA2>. Sorry, maybe you should have studied just a little bit harder.

    Where GPA is their GPA as entered and GPA2 is a responses.xls calculated variable based on GPA (i.e., GPA + .1). Just a thought.

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    Ultimately, we ended up just using the responses.xls file to calculate skip to values. Specifically, in the skip to colum, we included a conditional statement that asked the program to select the GPA insert file that equaled "ER-"&B2+.10 to the GPA item response (e.g., if participant entered 2.40, the response file would represent that value in the B2 column, add .10 points to it, and pulled the GPA insert titled "ER-2.50"). This seems to be working just fine. Thanks again for your help, Blair!

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