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Thread: Download Text Data

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    Download Text Data

    In a recent experiment, I had participants write four short essays. When I checked the data, each question saved as a separate .txt file. Then I tried to convert these files to excel to merge with the rest of the document, but the file did not convert accurately- rather than converting to an excel file in which each row represented one subject, each subject's data was spread across multiple rows (depending on the length of the answer they wrote).

    How can I easily download this data so that I don't have to copy answers for 168 subjects (across 4 answers). Any suggestions?


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    Just to give you some more context-

    I just read through some of the other threads and wanted to clarify what type of data I was talking about.
    Because of the large quatities of text, these responses were written to their own separate data files (in txt format). Howeverm, even though the program has recorded all the subject and condition id's it doesn't let me cleanly convert this to an excel file or an spss file. Help!

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