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Thread: v2010 Availability, Vista, Windows 7, Macs, Online Studies

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    v2010 Availability, Vista, Windows 7, Macs, Online Studies

    [Edited from support email]

    We are setting up a new lab and are planning to purchase Medialab and Direct RT. Can you please advise if there are any known compatibility issues with Windows 7 (both x86 and x64 versions)? One of the other applications we need requires Windows 7, so we need to make sure the empirisoft applications work in this environment as well. Are the new 2010 versions of DirectRT and MediaLab available yet?
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    New versions of both DirectRT and MediaLab have been written to take advantage of new programming languages (Microsoft's .NET, DirectX v9-10+) as well as multi-media and hardware technology that has become available in just the last few years. These "2010" versions are written to run on all currently available versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and are ready to adapt to future version of Windows as they become available. Note that Windows 98, ME, and 2000 have not been tested with either program.

    As of now (update by moderator, February 2, 2011) DirectRT v2010 and MediaLab v2010 are available. For licensed and trial downloads, visit www.empirisoft.com/download.aspx. For purchase or upgrade information, see www.empirisoft.com/order.aspx or contact sales@empirisoft.com.

    Note that all prior versions of DirectRT v2008 will continue to run on Windows XP but Windows Vista and Windows 7 now require DirectRT v2010. DirectRT v2010 required some -major- modifications to run on the new Windows OSs that the earlier versions of DirectRT simply don't have. MediaLab v2008 (and prior) -can- run on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but some memory leak and video display problems were occurring on some systems. These issues have been resolved with MediaLab v2010.

    We recommend NOT running either program in XP compatibility mode on Windows 7. You can, but we have found this virtual XP mode to be somewhat lacking in performance as compared to the real Windows XP. This is esepcially so for DirectRT which depends on direct access to the system's hardware for it's precision. XP compatibility mode involves emulated access which is a time and resource drain.

    With respect to using DirectRT and MediaLab with Macs, our users have been reporting success with Intel based Macs running Windows, see http://www.empirisoft.com/support/showthread.php?t=16 for more details. We have both programs running here on Windows 7 (64-bit) on a Macbook Pro through Bootcamp and it they both run wonderfully. This makes sense of course because Windows on a Mac through Bootcamp is -essentially- the same as running Windows on a PC.

    With respect to running web-based/online studies, we have written the code and experimented with it for both programs but are holding off on any form of public release of this functionality until some major issues and questions are resolved. Although it may become available during the 2010 release periods, we would suggest not counting on it for now.

    To wrap up--as of January 28, 2011, the final first release versions of both DirectRT v2010 and MediaLab v2010 are available for trial and licensed use. DirectRT v2010 was posted in October, and MediaLab will be formally posted on the website this week (email sales@empirisoft.com if you would like it before then).

    Let us know if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy the new versions.
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    MediaLab on Mac using Parallels Desktop for Mac 5

    Hi all,
    I can happily report that MediaLab run smoothly on Mac also using Parallels Desktop for Mac 5.
    Keep on with the good job!

    Eyal Peer
    Experimental Psychology Lab
    Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

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    Thanks for the feedback Eyal--great to hear. If you get a chance would you mind cross posting this to http://www.empirisoft.com/support/showthread.php?t=16? It's the primary link for mac info and I'm sure it would be a helpful post for many of our users in the apple world! In any case, thanks again

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    v.2010 Direct RT

    Is v. 2010 for Direct RT available? I recently purchased a license ( after running 2006) and could not find v. 2010 on the downlaod site. I am running windows 7 on BOOT CAMP on a macbook pro
    Thanks in advance

    Stephen NEwman

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    Yes, DirectRT v2010.2.103.115 is the latest (non-beta) release of v2010 and is available now for download at www.empirisoft.com/download.aspx. As with previous versions, it can be installed either for trial or for licensed use. It also gives you the option to install it as v2008 if you are a 2008 user who wants to run it on Vista or Windows 7 (since the older versions of DirectRT were limited to running on XP).
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    Does DirectRT2010 work with Medialab2008?

    We currently use the 2008 versions of DirectRT and Medialab. We were thinking of changing to DirectRT2010 while keeping Medialab2008. Will we be able to use DirectRT2010 in Medialab2008?

    Thank you,

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    As for it working with MediaLab v2008, it looks like it's working problem free (assuming of course that DirectRT runs the same session problem free on its own). There have been a few reports of a delay in the startup/onset time it takes for an embedded DirectRT session to boot from within MediaLab but that seems so far to be the exception rather than the rule.

    We will continue to monitor whether that is something that is continuing to occur but as we rely on user feedback, I can say for now that it seems like a safe combination. Of course, you are welcome to try it out on one of your machines in advance if you'd like to be extra-sure!

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    [Moderator Update February 9, 2011]

    Note that MediaLab v2010 has now been released and is more stable than v2008 with Windows 7. Some users were experiencing crashes with MediaLab v2008 on Windows 7 but this has been resolved in v2010 and so far it seems to working great. So if you are planning to use MediaLab with DirectRT v2010 on Windows 7, yes, we would recommend also using the 2010 version of MediaLab. For XP, either version of MediaLab ought to be equally stable.

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