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Thread: Keyboard / Button Box Extension Cable

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    Keyboard / Button Box Extension Cable

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    I am a happy owner of your high-speed modified keyboard, but its USB connector cable is very short, and we want to attach it to a machine some 6' to 8' away. Can we safely use a USB extension cable with no fear of response speed deterioration? It would be very upsetting to us if we had to put the response-recording computer in our small subject booth.

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    Yes - the official USB spec allows for extension cables up to 5 meters in length.

    People have had mixed results using 'smart' USB extenders which claim to add 10-100' of cable between the computer and keyboard. We've not specifically tested any of them, and therefore can't offer a recommendation.

    If your campus bookstore doesn't carry anything, I'd recommend www.monoprice.com.

    For keyboards, you're looking for a 'USB-A Male to USB-A Female' cable. For button boxes, pick a 'USB-A Male to USB-B Male' cable.
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    It is possible

    Whatever usb extension cable you buy please go for a branded one. These locals will definitely ruin the speed and also rapidly disconnects. Search in amazon or ebay they have some or you can also search on ali express they sell all kind of stuffs. They also let you know about the quality and durability.

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