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Thread: Keyboard / Button Box Extension Cable

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    Keyboard / Button Box Extension Cable

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    I am a happy owner of your high-speed modified keyboard, but its USB connector cable is very short, and we want to attach it to a machine some 6' to 8' away. Can we safely use a USB extension cable with no fear of response speed deterioration? It would be very upsetting to us if we had to put the response-recording computer in our small subject booth.

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    Yes - the official USB spec allows for extension cables up to 5 meters in length.

    People have had mixed results using 'smart' USB extenders which claim to add 10-100' of cable between the computer and keyboard. We've not specifically tested any of them, and therefore can't offer a recommendation.

    If your campus bookstore doesn't carry anything, I'd recommend www.monoprice.com.

    For keyboards, you're looking for a 'USB-A Male to USB-A Female' cable. For button boxes, pick a 'USB-A Male to USB-B Male' cable.
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