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Thread: Programming screen location areas

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    Programming screen location areas


    I'm writing an experiment for kids where they will use a mouse to click on different areas of the screen to forward the program. I understand how to do this (I think), and need to define the areas to use as key codes. Is there some sort of grid I can use to help with determining the pixels for each rectangle? This is probably a stupid question, but I can see wasting a lot of time doing it by trial and error.


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    Figured it out

    I can get this information from the program we used to create the images (Flash). Thanks!

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    [updated with further information]

    That's a great way to determine grid coordinates. You can also get similar info from most image editors when you click and drag the mouse over an image to highlight an area (i.e., to get the cursor's x/y position).

    Also, for those who are looking for more info on this--In order to use the mouse cursor as a response, you will need to look into DirectRT's ability to handle 'screen regions'. More information on this subject can be found here: http://www.empirisoft.com/directrt/help/directrt_samples_v2006_lightgun_touchscreen_cursor .htm

    Through the use of regions, you can specify where on the screen the user can click, which regions are valid and/or correct responses, etc.

    If you are looking to have users click on movies or animated gifs, see also: http://www.empirisoft.com/support/sh...ad.php?p=12956
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