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Thread: HTML learning curves?

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    HTML learning curves?


    I am a Qualtrics user and for some reasons, I need to MediaLab. I spent about 8 hours to figure out the program. Overall, it is a good program. It give people a lot of flexibility if they know about how to make/deal with htm. But, I am not. For people like me who do not have enough time to learn htm, it is hard. really hard. For example, I need to put picture including 24 products name and description. Since the program does only show small part of picture, I needed make htm file that I never did before. And, I tried to make 24 different options with product pictures. Still, i cannot since the program offer max 12 options for multiple choices.
    Maybe, it would be me who should've the htm before. But, I think if MediaLab have a environment that supports both experts and novice group, it would be much much much better.

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    Hi - thank you for your suggestions. We've heard a few other users mention similar comments in regards to the software. We're currently contemplating ways to add more samples and content to the software so that more complex tasks will be easier to work with. The tasks you're trying to work with may be easier to accomplish if we had a variety of HTML templates already setup for GUI assisted alteration. Our 2010 copies of MediaLab and DirectRT are planned to come with more help material; however this is only a step in the right direction.

    We eventually want to make it so that the software is much easier to use by novice users, has more tutorials to work with, includes training material, and supports a more clear and intuitive help system. We appreciate your feedback - please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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