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Thread: Where are the other samples?

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    Where are the other samples?

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    I'm trying to create a calculated score in an experiment and I don't seem to have the sample file that I need to teach myself how to do this. I'm currently running medialab 2004.3.24. My sample folder only has sample1.exp - the one I am after is sample 5 advanced features/advanced.exp. I can't seem to find these on the web site, most of the downloadable files are associated with the newer version of medialab. Could you send me the appropriate sample files? Thanks.
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    To save disk space, the additional samples are zipped. To unzip them, go to C:\MediaLab\Samples through your "My Computer" icon on the desktop. If you have Windows XP, you should be able to simply double click on them to unzip the folders. Otherwise, you can get a free evaluation version of winzip from www.winzip.com.

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