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Thread: Having problems with TTL on Vista

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    Having problems with TTL on Vista

    Hello everyone, I am a graduate student from Taiwan. My english is not very well (or poor, I think). But I'll try to express my questions clear
    I've been working on MediaLab to let it synchronize with Biopac MP150 (with UIM100C), but have confronted great troubles.........

    Computers bought these years seem not having parellel port at all, so I bought one PCI I/O card (with parallel port) and successfully installed it 7 hours ago. By the way, the OS of my computer is Vista 32-bit.

    However, when I downloaded the patched IOTest from this forum and started to test it, in the Port Address field it always showed "LPT1: Error", "LPT2: Error", "LPT3: Error". I've tried to type the decimal values of the port (the hex value is DC00-DC07; D480-D487) and set the byte value and time to 255/50, but there were changes in Monitor field, the value remains 0.

    At first, I thought this was the problem of the I/O card, so I went out and bought another one. However, both of them are made with Moschip's chip, so I think they are the same. And result is the same as well (sigh....)

    Then, I thought this might be the problem of Vista, so I used the IOTest program on the other computer with XP. The result was a bit of different, this time, Port Address field showed "LPT1 Absent" rather than "LPT1: Error". This was rather convincing, because this computer surely has no parallel ports.

    Can anyone gives me some suggestions and hints? Without letting MediaLab synchronize with Biopac, I can not graduate .....

    Thanks for your watching, hope my extremely poor english didn't make the questions more difficult to understand.

    Best regards

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    Just an update: Currently awaiting a response back through email.

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    Thanks for giving me several helpful tips. However, I still can't get the attached I/O card work, no matter how many cards I change (I've bought 3 kinds of cards already), medialab and IOTest just can't get the card's address (even I enter the decimal values on my own).

    Therefore, I decided to set up an whole new computer. It's hard to find a LGA775 socket motherboard with a parallel port, but still I found one. Thank God, medialab and IOTest work perfectly on this computer, it seems like that medialab and IOTest prefer the default port address (888) than the attached I/O card. Maybe it's the operating system's cause (this time I install XP rather than crappy Vista), but I think it's not.

    Everything works smoothly since I set up a new computer, I even built one black box to transfer the signals from computer to biopac's I/O channels, this is another story I think.

    Thanks for the tips and helps, though the original problems are not really solved

    As always, please forgive my poor english :-P

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    It turns out that DirectRT has a hard time with hardware addresses which are higher than 32,000.

    Hex DC00 ---> Decimal 56,320.

    We're working on a fix for this. In the interim, we'd recommend using a computer with a built-in parallel port for optimum reliability.

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    Note that this should no longer be an issue as of v2010 due out this Spring (2010).

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    The same problems mannylee reports we face with Windows7. I hope spring 2010 is soon over ;-)

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