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Thread: Program crashes when running medialab

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    Program crashes when running medialab


    When I use medialab to collect questionnaire data, the program crashes from time to time. The screen goes blank and no responding to any command. However, the whole PC works well and the status of medialab in the task manager is "running".

    I am wondering what the cause of the problem is. Thanks!

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    Hi - First, let's get a few questions covered:

    What version of the software are you running?
    What OS are you running the software on?
    Is the crashing sporadic, or at a specific item within your questionnaire?
    Are you able to run through the MediaLab sample questionnaires without problem?

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    I use Medialab 2008v1.20 and my computer is installed with vista system. The crash ocurrs almost at the same question in the questionnaire.

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    I have the exact same problem. The program crashes on multiple computers at the same spot, but not always. It seems like every other time we run it, medialab crashes at that spot.

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    Hm. Does your experiment launch any applications such as Powerpoint? What item-type does your experiment typically crash on?

    It's quite peculiar that this bug is occurring.

    Some further troubleshooting steps:
    1. Try running the software as an administrator.
    2. Make sure that you have full permissions to the folder: C:\MediaLab, as well as any locations where data will be saved.
    3. Try and close as many applications as possible before running the software.

    If the above steps don't help at all, there are a few other things we can try.

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    Thanks Newell. As long as I close Medialab between subjects, it doesn't crash. But, if I do keep it open for the second subject it crashes.

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    Hm. We've actually heard of that solution working for a few users. Quite peculiar. I apologize for the inconvenience of having to use that method as a work around. It's good to hear you've found some type of work-around to the problem though.

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