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Thread: How does Media Lab compare to Qualtrics?

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    How does Media Lab compare to Qualtrics?

    My organization is considering the purchase of a Qualtrics license- for that we need to prove there is no overlap in capabilities with what we have (Media Lab) - as the site license for Qualtrics runs about $5000.


    Have you compared your survey design and deployment capabilities to those offered by Qualtrics? one thing that stands out is their ability to deploy studies online - something I don't think Media Lab allows, am I correct?
    Any information you can provide is appreciated. Thank you,

    Norma Mendoza

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    Hi Norma,

    Couldn't tell you--we haven't used it and I don't know first hand of anyone who has (their website suggests it ought to be easy to find users for feedback). Their website does look good and their program feature list appears attractive. It reminds me a bit of SPSS's break into the online survey market from 2000 or so (see http://spss.com/software/data-collection/). How do these kind of programs differ from MediaLab? Not having used Qualtrics, I can't really say except that we don't really see MediaLab as a "survey" program so it's not really apples to apples, e.g., see:


    Hope that helps,
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