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Thread: Creating a calendar (case 14023)

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    Creating a calendar (case 14023)

    The attached file is a .htm file that you can use to create a calendar in media lab and have your participant enter data for each day of the month. You can edit the file by right clicking and selecting 'edit' When you save your changes save the new file as a 'webpage'

    In order to actually use this in medialab, create a new questionnaire, name your calendar (e.g., june06) and change item type to 'custom'. In the 'File name' column reference your calendar. For each empty space in the calendar create a new line in the questionnaire file (e.g., june0106, june0206, ..., june3006). Save your questionnaire and voila!

    FYI, I believe this only works for media lab v2006
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    Calendar in Media Lab

    For our questionnaire, we would like to know the day and month of the female participants' last menstrual cycle. Is there a way that we can incorporate a calendar where they can click on the first and last day of the month that they had their cycle? Also, would there be a way to have the calendar update based on the month of administering the questionnaire?

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    See how the files in the attached compressed folder work for your purposes. It has a drop down menu as well as a pop-up calendar in which the clicked on date is saved as the response. If you would like further information about this particular html code, please refer to http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamici...oncalendar.htm
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